Azurite Malachite Nodules “The Stone of Heaven, Transformation” Abundance•Relationships•Love• Wealth•Healing•Guidance•Communication


Introduction -  Azurite and Malachite are two minerals which occur together frequently in the oxidized zones of copper ore deposits. These are secondary minerals, meaning that they formed by alteration of the original copper ore minerals. The Malachite is intergrown with Azurite, forming the Azurite-Malachite pictured above. Both Malachite and Azurite are powerful energy conduits. Azurite-Malachite is an exceptional conductor of energy, bringing a grounded, more integrated process in healing physical dis-ease. The blue ray penetrates and moves energy, calming stress levels within the system while the green ray facilitates a deep healing force. It may also be used to activate the Third Eye in cleansing the subconscious of emotionally charged thoughts or negative feelings, and restoring a higher and clearer mental state. It assists in dissolving egocentric traits, dispelling conceit, arrogance and vanity, and instills a willingness toward flexibility and individuality based on a universal connection to “All.” Azurite-Malachite’s combination of energies is highly conducive to meditation by allowing one to go deep within the self, without fear, in order to be sustained, absolved, and reborn into the light, completely aware of the genesis at all times.


Group of Metal & Crystals : Malachite Copper carbonate, Aragonite Group. 

  • Color: Light green, emerald green, and vibrant dark blue

  • Composition: Cu2(CO3)(OH)2 (malachite) and Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2 (azurite)

  • Element: Water

  • Zodiac: Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn

  • Hardness: 3 ½ to 4

  • Luster: Bright blue compact intergrown rosettes of azurite

  • Transparency: Translucent to nearly opaque 

  • Specific Gravity: 3.7 to 3.9

  • Origins: Kemet, Namibia, Russia, France, Australis, Peru, Chile, and United States

  • Energy: Balance, Protection, Healing

  • Energy Vibration: 9 and 

  • Associated Organ(s): Liver, Kidneys,Gallbladder

  • Associated Chakra(s): Third Eye, Sacral, Heart, Throat

  • Pairs with: Chrysocolla, Shattuckite, Ajoite, Tigers Eye and Jet

  • Special Care:

     Cleanse Azurite Malachite by smudging sage. Azurite Malachite is quite a soft stone that can be damaged quite easily. It’s sensitive to heat and sun bleaching.

    Make sure that you store it in a cool and dark place and separate from other pieces of jewelry.

    You can clean Azurite Malachite with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Wipe it dry with a soft cloth because even a toothbrush with soft bristles can scratch the stone.

  • Physical & Emotional Uses

  • Resonating the third eye chakra

  • Protects from physical harm

  • Shields the Astral Body

  • Infusing your home or inviting this wonderful natural combination Gemstone Cluster into your home will bring about serenity and overall peace.

  • May aid you to make the quantum leap

  • Assist the healing of broken bones

  • Associated Healing Effects:

    Azurite and Malachite hold Copper properties that help to calm the nervous system. 

    Azurite and Malachite offer excellent healing benefits for your Home and safe space.

    Malachite and Azurite provide useful color therapy while bringing about positive thoughts and feelings of happiness.

  • Personal Uses

    Place Malachite and Azurite Gemstone Cluster in your living room or space where you spend a lot of time.


  • Other: This stone is known as a bringer of insight, perfect for the visionaries, lightworkers, and holistic healers. This stone harmonizes the the frequency of the blue and green ray

Azurite Malachite Nodule

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