Clear Quartz Cluster “The Stone of Ultimate Power & Intention” 


Introduction - Clear Quartz, sometimes called the Rock Crystals is another super popular Quartz that is known for its programmability, cleansing, healing,and memory enhancing capabilities. Clear Quartz could be the most popular Crystal for all healing and common choice when beginning a new collection. Clear Quartz is found in abundance all around the world, taking on many forms, from large six sided crystals with defined faceted ends, called terminations, to intricate clusters of fine needle-like points. 

Group of Metal & Crystals : Silicon Dioxide Mineral of Quartz Group

Element: Fire, Storm

Zodiac: All

Birthstone: April

Planet: Sun 

Color: Transparent, sometimes with cloudy white area

Composition: SiO2

Crystal Structure: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7

Specific Gravity: 2.7 

Energy:  amplifier 

Energy Vibration: 7

Metaphysical: The clear quartz crystal is a photon light source and as such contains pure white light which when refracted has hidden within all 7 colors or rays of the spectrum with the consequent ability to align all of the chakras and subtle bodies.

Associated Organ: All

Associated Chakra(s): Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star

Pairs with: All crystals and gemstones

Special Care: Cleanse Clear Quartz by smudging sage, running crystal through ocean, creek or river water, sound, sunlight, or moonlight 

Origin: Brazi, Madagascar, USA but can be found anywhere, globally. 

Physical & Emotional Uses: 

Increases the power of focus

Amplifies the thoughts which have been programmed into it

Realigns the body, mind and spirit

Associated Healing Effects:

In healing layouts, place over chakras to balance both sides of the body

Personal Uses: 

Place in your home to cleanse the energy and enhance peace and clarity




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Clear Quartz Cluster

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