Hexagonal Pyramid


In sacred geometry, a hexagonal pryamid is a self dual pyramid with a hexagonal base upon which are ereceted six isoceles triangular faces that meet at a point, like an apex. The pyramid and hexagon geometric shapes work together with crystal minerals which then manifests this act of nature into a negative energy extracting tool.


Pyramids stimulate and create the natural balance between the physical and the spiritual, creating a vortex of purifying, manifying and healing energy. Combined with the hexgonal energy of so above, so below, this gem is sure to assist with your intentional needs and goals.


USE FOR: Healing, Protection, Restoration , Channeling and Manifesting Positivity, Abundance and Vitality.

Place in garden, work desk or station, night stand, coffee table or deck.


Select Magnetite & Pyrite Hexagonal Pyramid if you are in need to be grounded and reminded of your potential, while conjuering up new energy, which will in return promote abunadce and prosperity. The Magnetite stimulates the root chakra, while the pyrite resonates witht the Solar Plexus, creating an balancing energy of action and decisivness. 


Select Labradorite Hexagonal Pyramid if you need to activate your third eye chakra, and you need assistance in fulffiling a goal, obligation, or work assisgnment. The Labradorite sharpens your focus, while also being able to see things exactly the way they are, making your trajectory path easier to access.



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Healer's Hexagonal Pyramid

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