Tumbled stones are rocks, minerals, and crystals that have been smoothed and highly polished by either nature or man. Tumbled crystals are often vivid in color (though some are clear), with quartz being one of the most common. Due to their smooth and polished appearance, they are often found in jewelry and other items around the home. Known to be incredibly calming, these polished pieces are a fantastic healing aid as well as a great visual aesthetic.


Many people, particularly healers, love using tumbled crystals since they are ideal for using in grids and upon altars. Tumbled stones are also a convenient size for placing them inside one's bra, medicine bags and pockets, and are great for meditation as they fit nicely in the hand or on various parts of the body for Chakra work.


We are currently offering these puffy heart shaped polished/tumbled stones and crystals.


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Amethyst is known as the stone for spirtual growth.


Rose Quartz is knowns as the stone for unconditional love.


Clear Quartz is know as the stone of ultimate power.


Angelite is known as the stone of ancestral and/or angelic communication.


Unakite is known as the stone of couples, for a gentle but powerful energy.


Amazonite is known as the stone which alignes the physical and etheric body.


Green Jade is know as the sobriety stone.




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