This hand picked rare Pink Amethyst Quartz Slab can be used as crystal furniture for the home, office, or any environment you choose. Use as coaster for your dining, living, or den room table for your beverages. Use to place the pot of a house plant on. 




Key Words - Retrieving * Healing the Soul Emotionally


Studies show that Pink Amethyst: 

  • Physically Supports the heart
  • Emotionally Helps to overcome numbness from trauma and emotional abuse
  • Elements are Fire and Water
  • Spiritually Facilitates communication with loved ones who have died
  • Physically Supports the heart
  • Chakra Heart (4th)
  • Aligns with: romance, caring, nurturing, connecting with children, youth, peace, friendship, femininity, emotional love, emotional healing.


Pink Amethyst is a divine quartz.

The color spectrum of this stone is created by the natural radiation of high heat energy. The crystal channels a color therapy which captivates the light box’s (eyes) and calms the nervous system. There is an automatic energy vibration of peace, open heartedness, and creativity transcends through the astral into the physical body,  all in once.


The touch gives a soothing to mental and emotional stress, and intercepts those low vibrations with higher radiating energy, stimulating intuition, imagination, universal flow, meditation, and artistic qualities.


Amethyst is considered just as valuable as rubies, and diamonds.


The Pink Amethyst quartz is also known to be beneficial towards emotional healing. Pink Amethyst is a beautiful crystal and birthing (manifestation) tool. Sustaining our youthfulness is key to obtaining optimum health. Pink Amethyst assists you with that youthfulness, as It helps to make one have a connection with their inner child, and to bring one's state of mind into union. It can be a positive catalyst for processing sorrow and grief, keeps the heart open, even through painful times. Pink Amethyst is believed to assist in finding relief from overwhelming situations and feelings of victimization. It is said to protect from negative vibes arising from lack of patience and induce calmness from betrayals. The comforting waves of this stone can help restore your peace and joy in one's heart and soul. can be a valuable tool for shamanic practitioners who do soul retrieval work. It can facilitate communication with loved ones who have died, as well as one's spirit guides and angelic guardians. Such technology can help you tap into genetic data that has been stored in your water body.



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Pink Amethyst Slab

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