Handmade Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Crystal Quartz Pendant

  • Cord included


Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Crystal Quartz (RAC) combination creates an harmonizing balance of ascending through life with love, purification and protection.  Rose Quartz balances out the enrgy of the heart, while the Amethyst stimulates your crown chakra, while the Clear Crystal Quartz amplifies, magnifies and manifests your high intentional desires. Amethyst provides enhanced protectiong. Clear Quartz offers the highest vibrating energy. Rose Quartz stimulate the crown chakra, third eye and throat chakra bringing them in harmony and unity. 


The RAQ Harmony Pendant is very powerful crystal technology, do not use when wanting to ground yourself, this pendant is to be worn if operating above ground, vibrating high in the crown, high vibrational spirit energy.


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RAC Harmony Pendant

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