• Handmade

  • Materials: Crystal & Gemstone shaped and polished into a pyramid

  • Can be used as energy generator for your auric body

  • Use for Healing Reiki, Crystal Healing Meditation, Subconscious Programming, and Color Therapy

    • Increases Wealth, Vitality, EMF Protection, Energy Balancing, Increase in Motivation


  • These Pyramids combine the metaphysical and vibrational healing effects of the specific crystal or stone used, along with the symbolic geometrical programming of the pyramid. 



  • These pyramids can help purify the atmosphere, can help to purify and magnify the healing benefits of water, repel pests and help plant growth. They can inspire joyous behavior and balance.



  • Placing it on a desk or window seal in your room, will bring in an abundance of positive energy flow and will cleanse the auric field and subtle body of any negative patterns. We recommend these for expanding one’s awareness, opening all the chakras, activating the Light Body, and catalyzing rapid spiritual healing on all levels.





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Stone Pyramids

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