Tree of Life Orgonite, Green Aventurine and Garnet Combination Pendant

  • Handmade
  • Tree of life Natural Green Aventurine & Garnet Combination Orgonite Pendant


Size: 1.5 Inches Approximate


Garnet + Green Aventurine Benefits

  • The combination of Garnet, and Green Aventurine helps in the manifestations of opportunities and dreams, amplifies your desires and motivation to turn those aspirations into reality while also giving you the courage to take on life’s challenges and obstacles with perseverance and determination.


  • Both stones can inspire sexuality and creativity, and renewing confidence. They can also bring excitement in bringing your goals, projects, and desires into reality. Also, both stones are popular sensual stones, utilizing sexual energies, increasing vitality, peace, tranquility and ibido.


Benefits of Tree of Life Symbol


  • Tree of life is a symbol for growth and strength, Positive energy, Good health & New Start In Your Life.  Symbolizing Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding.


  • For centuries, the tree of life has been used to program the subconscious and conscious mind in many cultures around the world. The symbol transcends religions and cultures and no one group can claim this symbol for themselves.


  • The tree of life symbol is inspiring, grounding and calming. 


  • The tree of life has many spiritual and religious meanings and can be interpreted in any way you would like. Here are some of the universal representations of the tree of life:



  • The tree of life represents intersectionality and how naturally everything is interconnected. The circular aspect of the symbol represents the universe and the tree represents everything in it.


Growth, Strength and Stability

  • A tree is a symbol of stability and strength and it reminds oneself to remain grounded.  A tree is the manifestation of slow, patient growth from a vulnerable sapling to a sturdy tree.



  • Every tree is unique and has its own characteristics, if you look for them, no two trees are exactly alike. Trees gain beauty, and character weathering all sorts of trials and challenges to remain strong and upright. Like the tree, we too represent this aspect of nature.



  • The tree of life symbolizes rebirth and getting through the hard times. In life everyone will need a fresh new start, a  leaf turned over.


Fertility and Family

  • The word tree is often used to connect to family and to ancestors throughout this timeline. In life we often turn to our ancestors for guidance, protection, and wisdom.


  • A tree is symbolic of fertility in that it finds a way to perpetuate, whether by seed or sapling, anywhere it may fall, a new tree will begin a new strong life. 


Calm, Peace and Relaxation

  • There is something about being under a large tree that invokes a sense of strength, peace and relaxation. Wear this symbol will promote such in your environment. A tree rarely is flustered, even while dancing in the wind, the tree still vibrates a calm and peaceful, quietly giving and nourishing energy, even in the midst of a storm.




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Tree Of Life Orgonite Pendant

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