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"The greatest medicine of all time, is to teach people how not to need it" 

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Meet Chef Zu


Chef Zu is a Holistic Nutritionist, Urban Agriculturalist & Plant Based Chef who focuses on providing "Health & Wellness" to less fortunate communities through facilitating programs based around culinary arts, agriculture and nutrition. 


Chef Zu has a passion and love for studying the science of plant based foods and using the most nutritious ingredients to create amazingly flavorful vegan and raw cuisine. There is an unmentioned art to substituting plant based ingredients in dishes that were once made with meat and/or animal products such as milk, eggs, cheese & butter. Chef Zu is always looking to master this art.

Chef Zu has facilitated innovated food programming for Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta Public Library System, Kirkwood Boys & Girls Clubs, Georgia Food Oasis, Morehouse College, Fulton County Commissioners Office, City of Atlanta Department of Sustainability, City of Atlanta Department Constituent Services, Carver Neighborhood Market, Frank McClarin High School, Gilliam's Community Garden, Lithonia Farmer’s Market, The Covenant House, Atlanta Housing Authority, Aglanta, Truly Living Well, Georgia Organics, Food Well Alliance and many more non-profits, community based organizations and initiatives.

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Plant Medicine Retreats 

Our Whole Healer Retreats include a series of short workshop style classes held on different weekends throughout the year. WH allows all participants to study a wide array of Ancient Plant Medicine Remedies alongside various preparation techniques which have aided and assisted with remedying a laundry list of ailments. Each participant will leave with a better understanding of how to create their very own Tinctures, Tea Blends, Syrups, Salves, Butters, Ointments, Oils, Capsules, Tablets & Aromatherapy Blends. Our Whole Healer Retreats are structured for Beginner to Intermediate Level participants.

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Medicinal & Botanical Handcrafted Products


Kings Apron has developed over 30 products while sourcing a great portion of the precious raw materials from 20 of Atlanta's Favorite Farms. Chef Zu has created Hydrosols, Rubs, Salves, Syrups, Seasonings, Sauces, Teas, Tinctures, Tonics & More from scratch. These products have helped our community and clients with Issues ranging from Earaches to Eczema to Inflammation to Indigestion and so much more.

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