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Whole Healers Fall Retreat Details

Enjoying two days and two nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday Morning Checkout) living communally as a small village in the North Georgia Mountains, where we can free our minds from our everyday schedules and build with Mother Nature. The mountainside scenery, rustic cabins and natural surroundings will help us disconnect from modern day life and reconnect with the infinite potential of us using “Plants as Medicine”. Our Fall Retreat will include a series of short classes allowing participants to study a wide array of Medicinal Plants, various preparation techniques which have aided and assisted with remedying a laundry list of ailments. Each participant will leave with a complimentary “Medicine Chest Starter Kit” as well as a better understanding of how to create their very own Tinctures, Tea Blends, Syrups, Salves, Butters, Ointments, Oils, Capsules, Tablets & Aromatherapy Blends. Our Fall Retreat is structured for “Beginner to Intermediate Level” participants. Check these package deals out!


 Trailside Standard Suite - $749

Riverside Standard Suite - $1149 

 Trailside Couples Suite - $1549

 Riverside Couple Suite - $1649

 Family or Group Trailside Suite - $2499  


Trailside Cabins are located next to Mountain Trail that leads to Toccoa River.

Riverside Cabins are located just a stone's throw away from the beautiful Toccoa River.

All guests will receive complimentary vegan cuisine during their stay.







































Note: Our Whole Healer Winter Retreat is NOT structured for Advanced Level participants.

The Cabin Lodging will be located in Blue Ridge, Georgia during November 11th-13th 2022. The cabins will be in full operational use. Please note that everyone will be sharing learning spaces. ​

During our “Whole Healer Fall Retreat” we will explore, discover and highlight what we know about Plant Medicine from research, studies, documentation and practical usage. We will briefly touch on the various schools of teaching from Zulu to Native America to Gullah Geechee to Ayurvedic to Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM).  We will experience being with each other as well as being by ourselves. Exploring conversation without overlooking silence. Each of these precious experiences will help reveal how we can stay connected to “Mother Nature & Our Ancestors”.

The 2-Day / 2-Night accommodation takes place in a series of Mountain Cabins situated in the heart of the Blue Ridge's North Georgia Mountains. The beautifully rustic and grounding wood cabins are totally PRIVATE. The Cabin Lodge provides an earthy picturesque-like landscape that will help each of us connect with the idea of becoming a “Whole Healer” by way of Plant Medicine which can only be provided through Mother Nature. The panoramic views are breathtaking.

Medicine. Mountains. Cabins. Panoramic views of Valleys, Ponds, Creeks & Blue Ridge Mountain Tops. The Cabin Lodging is clean, earthy, and extremely grounding. The series of rustic natural wooden Cabins also provides a Mountain view Hot Tub, Fireplace, Fire Pit, Eco-friendly Game Room and Rocking Chairs on the Front Porch to sit, chill, relax and unwind. The series of cabins also provide “Well Water.” The cabins run a Well Water Septic System!!!

The North Georgia Mountains are one of the best places to disconnect from the Concrete Jungle and reconnect to Mother Nature. This is a place to Meditate, Recharge and TAP IN!

PAYMENT: In order to reserve your spot, please click, APPLY. Invitations will be ACCEPTED until capacity is reached. All slots must be paid in full upon booking a reservation. We do not offer payment plans for our Georgia Retreats. 


APPLY DETAILS: Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive a dedicated VIP reservation link to make a single payment for your reservation. After payment is successfully made a detailed itinerary will be sent to each participant with arrival times, address and cabin assignment. 

ADDRESS: Cabins are 10 minutes from downtown Blue Ridge, GeorgiaAfter ticket is purchased the address will be sent to you via email.




As a well-informed customer, we understand that you are reviewing the following information before booking for the Whole Healer Fall Retreat 2022. It is extremely important that each participant is fully informed about our policies and terms before deciding to commit to any retreat. Please read and understand our payment terms and cancellation policies before booking the for Whole Healer Fall Retreat 2022. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help. Email Subject Line “Retreat Questions”



Our Whole Healer Fall Retreat 2022 may not be suitable for anyone who is pregnant or has serious physical/medical conditions. If you have had any serious physical or emotional illness within the last five (5) years, or are under any medical or psychiatric supervision, please advise us at the time of applying. If you are in any doubt or question(s) about your ability to fully participate in our Winter Retreat please feel free to contact us before booking your stay and we can discuss any questions or concerns.

Please review Airbnb's policies regarding Covid-19.


You may cancel your booking at any time for Whole Healer Fall Retreat 2022 presented by Kings Apron at any time, but please be aware of the following cancellation policy:

ALL payments are non-refundable, including late fees, deposits, installment payments and full payments. The ONLY exception to this policy is if we must be cancelled in its entirety for any reason in which case we will notify all parties via email and provide refund instructions.

All travel arrangements are your responsibility and at your own cost. We shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in any of the companies you may have made arrangements with, or for any irregularities in your documentation required for travel.

No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur, yet there is no exception to cancellation policy including weather or personal emergencies, flight cancellations or delays.

Unforeseen situations may present themselves to our guests and for those circumstances, situations and occasions we recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance, through a qualified travel agent, to cover you for your retreat.


If you purchase the Couples, Family or Group Suite occupancy with a chosen roommate, understand you are 100% responsible for the full payment of the reservation. Should your roommate cancel, you will be held fully responsible for completing the payments of your canceled roommate and/or updating Kings Apron upon any replacement. Resolving a roommate cancellation on your behalf is not the responsibility of Kings Apron.


Our Cabin Lodging Site and Vendors both require upfront commitments that Kings Apron must adhere to. When Kings Apron sells a retreat package to any individual or group our company has to ensure that the individual or group will attend the event. This also allows us to provide the very best possible experience to each and every individual or group attending.


Any chargeback notifications received via your bank and/or third party banking merchants (PayPal, CashApp, Apple Pay etc) will be considered cancellation. All documentation, including confirmation of receipt of all travel policies & digital agreement signatures will be provided to the banking institution as confirmation of application acceptance and received payment according to all agreed upon terms.


Please understand that you are fully responsible for your own health and well-being during the Whole Healers Winter Retreat. Kings Apron will not be held liable for any injuries or other medical or emotional problems that may occur, or triggered during or after your time on the retreat. Kings Apron will NOT accept any responsibility for cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, threat of war, cyber attacks, terrorist actions, collapse of power grids, closure of airports, civil strike, industrial action, natural disasters, scheduling mishaps, world pandemic, technical problems to transport, national, state, or personal emergencies, illness or unexpected illness of participants or close relatives/pets, acts of God or any other events beyond our control. Kings Apron will NOT be held responsible for any loss or damage of property or disruption of program cut short due to circumstances beyond the control of Kings Apron.

Please review Airbnb's policies regarding Covid-19.

Do not hesitate to CONTACT US should you have any questions at

2022 Winter Retreat SQ.jpg

Meals & Menu: All meals are 100% Vegan

(1) Friday Dinner: 

Black Buddha Lasagna & Kale Salad

(2) Saturday Breakfast: 


Roasted Plantain Porridge w/ Fruit, Seeds & Nuts

(3) Saturday Lunch: 

Pumpkin Seed Nacho Bowl , Cashew Cheese, Pico De Gallo & Microgreens + Golden Milk Soup

(4) Saturday Dinner: 

Yellow Squash, Wild Rice & Mushroom Casserole Bowl + Smoky Collard Greens

(5) Sunday Breakfast: 

Smoothie & Fruit Bar


Note: All meals will be prepared by Farm-to-Table Chef Zu of Kings Apron 


Fall Retreat Recap & Highlights


Well Water

Mountain Air

Wine Tasting  

Nature Walk 

Rustic Cabins

Catered Vegan Meals 

Mountain View Hot Tub

Gemstone Hunting

Panoramic Mountain Top Scenery

Medicine Chest Making Interactive Workshop

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