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Professional Size Polishing Cleaning Cloth Pure Cotton for Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum Jewelry. Our 10 x 12 inch keeps Jewelry clean, vibrant and shiny. Try some


Our Jewler's Cloth restores the original luster within metals while giving your jewelry back its brilliant look. Bling, Bling!


Easily polishing Copper, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Our Jewler's Cloth makes polishing fast and easy with a "Double Action" cleaning system: The white cloth is infused with a safe cleaning solution which aids in bringing maximum shine to the metal. The gray cloth is totally untreated and is used for a final polish to the metal. Our "Double Action Jewler's Cloth" brings old and used jewelry back to life again... like it's BRAND NEW!!!

Professional Double Action Jeweler Cloth

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$10.20Sale Price


  • Due to Covid19 and it's many new variants, we are not accepting any refunds or exchanges.

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