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Raw Black Tourmaline & Tourmaline w/ Matrix hand selected and mined by Kings Apron.


Peace and good health! All of our Gemstones and Crystals Items are personally mined and hand selcted by Kings Apron. Due to high demand, please allow up to 14 business days for orders to ship. We give thanks for your connection and exchange. We are grateful and you are appreciated.  - Kings Apron


Tourmaline (3 min read)


Black Tourmaline belongs to the aluminum borosilicate family. It is a hexagonal crystal which minerals such as magnesium, iron, and other metal elements that determine its color. Black Tourmaline is a very powerful, and grounding stone and is recommended for ridding oneself of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, self judgement and ideas of worthiness. 


Tourmalines help to restore self confidence. 

Tourmalines also have been documented to repel electromagnetic radiation. Healing practitioners who utilize crystals are especially advised to use these with thier clients. Tourmalines offer purification and protection at the very same time. 


There are several types of Tourmaline, found naturally within the earth's crust. Though different and specializing in several metaphysical, emotional, and physical qualities, overall, Tourmalines are one of the few only stones that have been documented to heal on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The types of Torumaline are listed below. 


  • Black Tourmaline 

  • Watermelon Tourmaline

  • Pink Tourmaline

  • Green Tourmaline

  • Blue Tourmaline

  • Dravite Tourmaline

  • Golden Tourmaline

  • Rubellite Tourmaline

  • Quartz Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline  Form & Structure: Trigonal crystal system which form prismatic crystals with terminations (pointed ends with facets) and vertical striations Keywords: Protection  Purification

Chakras: ALL, especially the Base (1st), Earth Star and Root

Element: Earth

Planet: Sun 

Energy Vibration: 3 & 4

Zodiac: Sagittarius and Capricor

Birthstone: October

Physical: Supports purification of the body, eliminating toxic substances 

Emotional: Helps dispel worry, judgement, fear, anger, shame and other toxic emotions.

Spiritual: AIDS in grounding and cleansing of the energy field 

Healing: May help overcome Claustrophobia, May help to assist in pain relief or arthritis and many other nerve system ailments. Helps to regenerate tissue, realigns the spinal column, strengthens the immune system.


Energy Attraction: Abundance, Healing, Protection, Grounding 


Black Tourmaline, also called schorl, is a very strong vibrating stone. The iron within the crystal is the main source of the black ray color that shines and transcends right through the light box (eyes), drawing and absorbing the energy within you and surround you. 


The Black Turmaline keeps the auric field clear of imbalance which in turn offers physic protection, due to proper signals being able to communicate throughly through a cleansed field. Even in the presence of destructive energies, the Black Tourmaline is able to suck up any negativity it encounters.Though, it does not absorb negative energy, Black Tourmaline actually transmutes negative energy into positive energy.


It acts like an etheric hoovering sunction cleaner, clearing ones surroundings of negativity and disharmony.



Wear or carry with you to help stay grounded and focused on the present moment and counter electromagnetic stress

Sleep with one under your pillow to cleanse the Etheric body

Rub Tourmaline to intensify luck with magnetic electricity

In prayer or meditation, it helps to release one of negativity and self-doubts

Tourmaline & Tourmaline w/ Matrix

  • Due to Covid19 and it's many new variants, we are not accepting any refunds or exchanges.

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